Method of Baking Patties Recipes in just 20 Minutes !

Basically, Patties are snacks made with chicken, vegetable, chocolate or other fillings kinds of stuff. Mostly famous and delicious patty recipes in the world are chicken patties, veg patties, potato or aloo patties, patties, and Mutton patties.

Patties consist of a puff pastry which mostly consists of filling stuff. the method of Puff pastry is very simple. to make with all-purpose flour, butter and egg, and some oil. Then it is sliced into the desired shape and filled with chicken or vegetable as per the recipe.

A patty is a light pastry-like evening snack filled with various kinds of meat and spices. We can enjoy the patties are best at breakfast particularly in evening with can serve the patties to guests with tomato ketchup or chili and garlic sauces. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, patties are a favorite teatime snack of people. you can find the patties in bakeries and also can be made at home. There are different types of Patties. A patty snack could be made with chicken, beef, potato, mutton, and vegetables.

The most common to eat in Pakistan are chicken patties. They are also perfect for iftar time and some time sehr time. Serve hot fresh spicy patties along with other dishes and you would see your patties platter would be the busiest one.

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